I just finished rebuilding the root directory of with the totally FREE Bootstrap Framework in order to make the website responsive and mobile friendly.

The first thing I noticed was that the site loads much faster now, even though the pages contain Adsense code.

Even though most visitors to hyperlink code visit from their desktop computer, I thought I would finally rebuild all those old pages to make them mobile compliant. It was a good opportunity to learn a bit about the Bootstrap Framework. I just downloaded Bootstrap and modified one of their templates to make my own template.

Bootstrap Framework is not as intimidating as it sounds, it just takes a bit of patience to learn how to use it.

The Bootstrap Links You Need

Download Bootstrap:

I found myself referring to the following 2 Bootstrap pages over and over. They contain all the CSS and Bootstrap components you’ll need to build your template. It’s all as easy as copy/paste.

How to use Bootstrap

The way I started with bootstrap was watching YouTube Bootstrap instructional videos. There is a lot out there, but the BootstrapBay Channel I found easiest to follow. Here is part one ..

I watched 16 BootstrapBay videos so far, but was able to get started straight away. The best way to learn Bootstrap is to follow along with the videos. Pause the video and do each step before watching the next step.

By doing this I was able to get the general idea about Bootstrap.

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