How to access and manage website files.


FileZilla is a Free Open Source FTP software which you can use to upload, download and delete files on your website located at your web hosting account. (See Tutorials.)

FileZilla can be used on Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Mac OS X, and Linux

While it is possible to access your website files through your web hosting control panel File Manager, it is much quicker and easier using an FTP software. This is especially true as you start managing multiple websites.

Download FileZilla

To download FileZilla, visit and select the Download FileZilla Client button. Then download the version compatible with your operating system (instructions below).


FileZilla User Interface

FileZilla will connect to your website and your computer at the same time. The user interface is split into two parts. The side on the left represents the files on your computer, and the side on the right represents your live website which is located at your web host.



FileZilla instruction videos by the HostGator team.

How to get FileZilla

How To Configure FileZilla

How to manage files with FileZilla

How to transfer files using FileZila


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