Free Color Pickers and Color Matching Tools for Webmasters and Graphic Designers

My 5 favorite Online Color Picking and Matching tools.

Free Online Color Pickers and Color Matching Tools for WebMasters Featured Image

While there are a lot of excellent color picking tools around these days, everyone has their favorites. So here are my favorites, the Online color pickers and matching tools I find myself using the most.

1 – ColorExplorer is a Free Online color picking and color matching tool.

I mainly use ColorExplorer for color matching work because they have 8 excellent Color Matching Algorithms. They also have some of the best Color Libraries for picking base colors.

ColorExplorer will generate perfect matching colors for any web design or graphics projects.

ColorExplorer Matching Colors Algorithms Demo

Here is a demo of the 8 different Color Matching Algorithms from ColorExplorer using hex color #661585 as the base color.


2 – HTML-Color-Names Color Chart

I use Color Chart for quick access to the standard 140 color names. It’s fast to use and the hex color codes are easy to see and to copy.

Each color page contains the HTML Color Name, Hex color code, and RGB Decimal code as well as tint’s, shades and 6 matching color palettes.

Handy for web design and graphics jobs as well as experimenting with CSS border colors and making cool HTML containers.

Aside from the color chart, the color names are also sorted into color groups and alphabetically A – Z so it’s easy to browse colors and get hex codes quickly.

3 – Adobe Color Wheel

Adobe Color CC Color Wheel is a great tool for creating matching color palettes for any color. Great for web design and graphics jobs, as well as finding the perfect background and border combination for a HTML container. Adobe Color Wheel offers 6 color matching algorithms.

4 – Paletton Color Picker

The is another excellent color palette generator tool. It has four different color matching algorithms with extra shades for each generated color in each palette. The fastest way to extract the hex color codes from the generated color palettes is to use a color picking tool such as ColorZilla.

5 – ColorZilla Browser Plugin

ColorZilla is a browser plugin available for Chrome and Firefox.

ColorZilla is the best free tool I have found so far to pick colors from web pages. Perfect for those times when you see a color on a web page and just got to have it, as well as picking colors from the color picker sites above.

ColorZilla is also great for selecting colors from an image so you can add matching colors to the HTML container which contains the image. Match image colors for a web page or an entire website. A real world example of this would be if you need to make matching website colors for an existing header graphic.

You can also use it back the other way by selecting colors from your web site in order to create matching website and social media graphics. Very handy if you have a client who wants social media or marketing graphics color matched to their website.


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