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HostGator is a WordPress friendly website hosting company trusted all around the Internet for their rock-solid reliable service and uptime.

Use their 1-click WordPress installer to install a WordPress blog or use one of their 4449 FREE website templates.

HostGator is suitable for newbies, intermediate and advanced users.

While they have many different web hosting packages, I’ll cover the two most popular used by bloggers, web designers, Internet marketers, and business owners.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting. It is suitable if you only need to host one website but is okay to host an unlimited number of websites/domains.

Tip: Use the Addon Domains tool located in your cPanel control panel to quickly add more websites to your shared hosting account.


Easy Website Building

Using shared hosting is much cheaper than using one of those do it yourself site building services because all hosting plans at Hostgator already include an easy to use site builder. Most people don’t know this!

Another little known fact is that Hostgator has 4449 Free website templates to choose from which is a real time-saver. These website templates have a professional look and feel and are better looking than some of the $1200.00 web design jobs I’ve seen.


Of course you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or PrestaShop for free using QuickInstall.


See QuickInstall in action

One of the other handy things hosgator supplies with their hosting plans is ASWtats web traffic statistics program.

With this powerful program you can see how much traffic you are getting, which country the traffic is coming from, which search engines and search phrases are sending traffic, which robots indexed your site and when, how many times your free stuff was downloaded, how much traffic each specific page gets, which websites are sending you traffic and how much, how many times your visitors added your website to their favorites, and much, much more.


Shared hosting is good if you are starting out and don’t plan on selling any of your websites/projects in the future. If you plan to sell or flip your websites, it is better to use reseller hosting so you can give the buyer their own login credentials.

Shared hosting is not good to create websites for your clients because clients usually need to log into their own control panel, and shared plans don’t offer separate control panels for each domain you setup.

Some web designers however do host their clients websites on shared plans and collect a monthly fee but I don’t like this idea. It’s not professional looking and you are locked into doing all the mundane jobs for your clients such as setting up new email address, checking statistics and so on.

I can understand if your client wants to pay you to do everything, but their are clients who are capable and want access to their own control panel. I think its nice to at least give them a choice.

I think that one of the saddest things in the web design business is when a client can’t even log in to see their traffic statistics!

Who Should Use Shared Hosting

  • Bloggers and other types of Webmasters
  • Internet Marketers
  • Business Owners

Reseller Hosting with Web Hosting Manager

Reseller hosting is for selling websites to clients but is also useful for your own projects if you want to sell your website later on Flippa because each domain/account has their own login and Cpanel control panel.

All your websites/domains are called Accounts and are listed in your Web Hosting Manager control panel with AutoPilot Client Management / Billing software which gives you easy access to all cPanel control panels.

Use Web Hosting Manager to create new accounts so quickly and easily a blind monkey with parkinsons can do it. Create new accounts for each new client or personal project.

Note: Each account represents a domain name where you build a website.


You can help your clients at first by doing the main jobs yourself, but as time goes on, you can also save them money by teaching them to do the easy jobs with their own Control Panel.

The job of teaching is also taken care of with the purpose built client instructional videos. The video portal called Client Tutorials can be branded with your own logo which means that clients don’t know anything about Hostgator.

The Client Tutorials URL that you give to your clients looks like this


One of the most handy Hostgator Reseller features is they have the Latest cPanel Control Panel for each account/domain which makes your job a lot easier for both your projects and especially if you have clients.

NOTE: There are some website building/hosting services out there that only allow you to have just one domain in your account but they charge just as much and more than Hostgator does for their feature rich Reseller hosting packages.

Who Should Use Reseller Hosting

  • Web Designers
  • Website Flippers
  • Bloggers and other types of Webmasters
  • Internet Marketers
  • Business Owners

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