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Black Hat SEO and Spammy Article Sites

Ed Zivkovic
Ed Zivkovic Webmaster

What are spammy article sites, why is it Black Hat SEO and is your website at risk of getting banned?

There has been an increase in the number of spammy made for Adsense content sites which will eventually die because they will eventually be filtered out of the search engine indexes.

What Are Spammy Article Websites?

Black hat spammy article websites are composed of articles which sound good while reading them, but do not provide any reader enlightenment whatsoever!

Website owners buy poor quality PLR articles then use badly programmed rewriting or spinning software to spin the articles into a piece original content by re-arranging the words within the article.

Or worse, the articles on these spammy content sites are composed of unoriginal unedited PLR articles. This means that the webmaster has purchased the articles and posted them to their website as-is without changing the title, or adding a unique introduction paragraph.

Search Engine Bait

This type of content creation is called Search Engine Bait.

To a search engine robot crawler, the articles appear to be original content rich with keywords which may quickly achieve high search engine rankings and get clicks from the SERPS.

However, the articles on these web spam sites leave the reader no more informed than before reading the article.

The idea behind this Black Hat SEO tactic is to get visitors to a page from a Search Engine Result Page, and hope that visitors will click on an Adsense Ad before reading the article.

The webmasters of these sites do not appear to care if the visitor is informed by the article, or if they ever come back.

The Internet is cluttered with millions of pages of useless content which will eventually be banned by being filtered out of the search engine indexes.

Sooner or later the pages get reported by other webmasters and presto, they get banned.


Write content for humans not search engines.

If you don’t have time to write, don’t use unedited PLR articles for publishing to a web page. Probably best to read the articles then rewrite the entire article in your own words.

If you are on a budget, you are also better off purchasing and posting just one original ghost-written article per week rather than 7 unedited unoriginal PLR articles. This will make your website unique and much higher quality.

If your content is informative, enlightening, solves a problem or is useful in some way, there is more chance that people will naturally want share the content without you having to ask for backlinks.

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