Add Footer Widgets To Thesis 2.1

ricks-footer-widgetsShortly after getting hooked on Thesis Theme for WordPress, I wanted to add a footer widget to better organise the site.

So while lurking around the Thesis forum community, I stumbled on a post which ultimately led to Rick Anderson’s Free Footer Widget for Thesis 2.1.

Rick’s Footer Widget works on Thesis 2.1 Classic Responsive Skin, and Social Triggers Skin.

Rick’s Footer Widget can display up to 4 widgets. These widgets can then be used to add WordPress features such as tag clouds, post categories, extra navigation, search boxes and even regular HTML for things such as advertisements, opt-in forms, announcements and so on.

The widget is responsive which means it performs well in mobile devices just like the Classic Responsive and Social Triggers skins.

Does Not Appear In Thesis Skin Editor

Rick’s Footer Widget does not appear in the Thesis Skin Editor which means after it is installed, there is no need to add the Widget to individual page templates. You can however switch it on or off for any template. For example, if you don’t want it to appear on the Landing Page Template, you can simply switch it off.

Installs As A Regular Thesis Box

The footer widget is easy to install through the Thesis Manage Boxes section. Simply click Upload Box, then select it from your hard-drive. Rick’s download page has an easy to follow instruction video about how to do this.


2 Ways To Download

1. If you are a member of the Thesis community, there is a direct download link in a post posted by Rick Anderson himself.

2. The widget can be downloaded from Rick’s download page (Free membership required).

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