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This blog is no longer powered by WordPress.

In order to avoid confusion, I've updated this page because this blog used to be powered by WordPress, and there might be some pages referencing this page.

Wordpress Alternative CMS

This blog is now powered by Publii static CMS.

Publii is a Wordpress alternative CMS.

Both Publii and WordPress are 100% free open source software which can be used as a blog platform or a Content Management System (CMS).

The difference between Publii and WordPress

WordPress Publishes dynamic pages which reside in a database, and Publii publishes static pages which reside on a hard drive.

So Publii is a Static site publisher, while WordPress is a Dynamic site publisher.

WordPress is server side software which means it is installed on a server at your web hosting company. Publii on the other hand is client side software which means it gets installed on the users personal computer.

Publii generates your website pages to your local computer which you then upload to the web hosting server. While WordPress publishes your website pages to a database.

This post has more info about Publii static CMS.

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