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Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson has been sitting on my hard-drive for exactly two years without having a play with it. So I have installed it here at Hyperlink Code blog to experiment.

I purchased a Thesis Theme Developer Option in March 2012, and according to my first download, it was version 1.8.4. As I write this it is version 2.1. This is the version I installed as I write this post.

Very Addictive


As I clicked into the super smooth Thesis admin, I was initially intimidated by all the controls, options and settings that can be accomplished.

The intimidation was soon replaced with an overwhelming hypnotic attraction which ignited my brain and kept me at the keyboard drinking coffee till dawn.

Instantly Hooked

Like others before me who dared to take this bet, I was instantly hooked. How far does the rabbit hole go? I don’t know. All I know is that the addiction to Thesis is similar to when I used to play computer games. The need to get to the “next level” is overwhelming.

I know it’s late and I should really be contacting suppliers, organising a graphic design job, answering emails and cutting the grass, but each new Thesis discovery fires off new possibilities which I immediately must to try-out 🙂

Thesis Skin Design Page Demo

The Thesis Skin Design section is where I started and I also suspect this is where most webmasters go first. Watch Chris Pearson the author of Thesis demonstrate how fast and easy the Skins Design Page editor is to make instant changes on your website ..

For Beginners, Webmasters and Web Designers


Thesis Theme has a wide variety of users including people who are brand new to WordPress, veteran WordPress users who build and manage their own websites, along with web design professionals and expert programmers who create websites for clients.

This is good news not only because there are many expert users at the official Thesis forum community ready to assist, there also seems to be plenty of other websites offering tutorials, lessons and add-on components for the Theme. More about that later.

Well Documented

thesis-user-guideIn addition to the very helpful forum community, Thesis is well documented with articles and videos which are continually being reviewed and updated to reflect the continuous evololution of the theme.

Thesis Showcase

The Showcase section displays some of the best website designs powered by Thesis and WordPress. The Showcase section is a good place to check out other users designs in order to help spark creativity for your own Thesis designs.


After spending thousands of dollars on premium WordPress themes, low budget gimmicky WordPress themes, CGI, PHP, and Cold Fusion content management systems leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth for wasting years of time and buckets of money.
On the bright side I am very happy to be hooked on Thesis because a fresh new install is good enough to start posting. So I can install it, start posting immediately, and take my time making design changes as I need them.

Any changes I make can be saved. What this means is that if I mess something up, I can revert back to a previously saved design. That’s pretty cool. Now onwards into the rabbit hole 🙂

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